Miramar Labs and ServRight partner to deliver a total service solution

ServRight recently completed firmware upgrade installations and configuration audits for Miramar Labs to hundreds of medical offices located all over the US and in Canada. In addition, ServRight worked with Miramar to field install hardware upgrades for miraDry units throughout North America.

Dann Diaz, Service Manager at Miramar adds "ServRight has been key in growing and maintaining our Service business at Miramar Labs. ServRight made it possible to implement new procedures and respond to customer demands quickly without having to build a costly Service Department. Miramar Labs can put more resources into R&D and Customer Service while building the Service Department on a time plan. ServRight allowed Miramar Labs to roll out a Software upgrade in a timely and effective manner keeping the cost manageable. ServRight saved us money by taking over the installs, break fixes and coming soon the PM schedules. ServRight was the reason we could advance our Service to the Industry standard without compromising quality."

This is another example how ServRight supports our partners to deliver creative solutions to their customers.

About Miramar Labs

miraDry® is the first and only FDA cleared, non-invasive procedure for the immediate and lasting reduction of underarm sweat. The miraDry system uses miraWave® Technology, precisely delivered microwave energy, combined with hydroceramic contact cooling to permanently eliminate sweat and odor glands while protecting the epidermis, upper dermis and sensitive underlying structures. Most patients see results in as little as one fast, safe treatment. With more than 50,000 procedures worldwide, miraDry continues to deliver one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings of all non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

For more information about miraDry contact: info@miramarlabs.com

About ServRight

At ServRight, service is our only business. We deliver nationwide technical service and support solutions to enterprises that value quality, speed, flexibility, and cost control. We will customize our services to accommodate manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, ISVs and system integrators specific needs.

For more information on ServRight, please contact us at: inquiries@servright.com